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March 2014

Well, we decided not to move after all - so will be staying here in Alaska. I guess it's easier to go vacationing than to move. We'll see how that works out!

February 2014

We are FINALLY finished with the construction project (will post pictures when we get to Colorado - everything is in moving transition) - Just in time to move to Colorado!!! Sold the place and they will be moving in about the end of March - so we need to take a trip to Colorado to find another of our own!. I have to stop taking orders until we get there and set up to do printing. If anyone accidently places an order - I will refund it - and thank you so much for being ever patient. Some steps we take in life just seem to be more time and energy consuming that hundreds of others that have gone before that. Not sure why that is - - - but need to get onto the moving so can't worry about it now :)

September 2012

We are STILL working on construction project - but AT LAST - have only about a week left.

Had the grandchildren for a couple weeks in August - was a nice excuse to catch up on some R&R. Our birthdays and anniversary were all in August, and got in on the 1 sunny day to take in the Fair with our Sister! Then back to work on the construction.

When we put up a beam across the length of the living room (record snowfall last winter almost compromised our roof!), the ceiling did a sag thing on either side (stretched out from the weight of the record snowfall!!) so we had to put in 2 more on either side of the first one. All this ment waiting for a sunny day to stain and finish the beams - and sunny days are scarce here! Finally got the beams ready and with the help of a very dear friend, the beams are up and DONE!

Finished the front bathroom AND the back bathroom. Ended up with an uneven corner line in the kitchen on into the hallway (from the drywall I had done 3 years ago), so am including that correction into the living room workload. Have all the taping and a complete coat of mud on all of it. Because of the uneven corner line, I am having to build out the ceiling (the stretched one - explains WHY this needs to be done : )) so am putting the mud on heavy. After I sand this coat - will only have the finish coat (1 day), the putty coat to even out the ceiling(another day = 2), texture the ceilings (living room and kitchen)(another day = 3), texture the walls of both rooms (another = 4), and paint( 2 more days = 6). So 1 MORE WEEK should see the end of a 5-year project! I am SOOOO ready for this to be finished!! Have too many other things I need to spend time on.

Will post pics when it is done : )

June 2012

We are STILL working on construction projects!!! This is the 5th year and there is a real chance we will get it finished this summer. My wonderful husband decided last year that I needed a sewing room, so he had an addition built onto the front .I Got the sheetrock hung last fall and the area taped and textured this spring. Did the painting and had the flooring put in. Need to build shelves and countertops then it will pretty much be finished.

We moved the pantry from the addition into the house. Got the walls built, the sheetrock hung, the taping and texturing finished, and working on getting that painted. Then need to build shelving in there to finish.

Have the front bathroom up to the 2nd coat of mud on the drywall. Should have it finished and ready for paint next week!! The only rooms left will be the other bathroom and the living room. In the other bathroom, have most of the sheetrock is hung already, just need to finish some framing and sheetrock that - leaves tape, texture and paint to get that finished.

The living room will take a lot more work to finish. The sheetrock is hung already, but need to put in beams to keep the snow-load from caving in the roof (as happened to several places last winter). We put up a 4"x4" pretty much in the center of the living area when we noticed that the snow was bowing the roof. Saved us through the winter - but now need to get some support that can be left permanent. Then we need to clear out all the furniture, carpet, and electronics that we have in there - (will hate to do it, but must fill up the addition again!!!). Will need to tape, texture, paint, and move all the stuff back in. I'm hoping for the middle of July - but we'll see. Everything else has taken WAY longer than I had figured.

I have decided I can no longer give away the 'Sunbonnet Sue in Alaska' and 'Great Alaska Wild Life' patterns. I will be distributing them and the kits on a wholesale basis and let other shops do the selling for me. I have been trying for the last year to get a quilt finished. So it goes without saying that I didn't have time to get finished with the rest of the detailed instructions for making the kits and patterns either. I am hoping that by distributing the patterns and kits, I will have the time to finish these other things.

If you know of any shop or store that you would like to find my patterns and kits there, have them get in touch with me! I am looking for ONE exclusive distributor in each of the United States and the providences and territories of Canada. I would also entertain other interested areas.

Will keep you updated on how the construction project is working out. : )

August 2010

On a more recent note - Laurie Jean met and fell in love with a wonderful man and is now making plans to spend the rest of her life with him.

Ernest Wade and Laurie Jean were married in Wasilla, Alaska on August 8th, 2010. We are still finishing up some construction projects - and the 'Sunbonnet Sue in Alaska' KITS will be the next project after that! I am looking at a time frame of early-to-mid Fall. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

I have been able to get started on the Kits for Sunbonnet Sue in Alaska and I have the detailed step-by-step instructions for 5 of the kits online here and I will be working to get the rest of them completed.

February 2009

Laurie has been a seamstress most of her life. She was working embroidery and sewing 'makeshift' clothes for her younger sister by the time she was 8 years old. Sewing had always came natural to her. Her Mother was not a seamstress, but her Grandmother was. Laurie had never spent much time around her Grandmother (and no time at all when her Grandmother was sewing) but she had inherited the talent none-the-less.

By the time Laurie was 16 years old, she was being paid to make clothes for family and friends. She was married when she was 17 and had a daughter a few months after she turned 18.

When her daughter was only 18 months old, she needed a pair of shoes so she could play in the yard (there was no grass in the yard of the house they had rented). Laurie wanted to get her a pair of jelly-sandals but did not have the $2.97 that they cost in 1969. So she put an ad in the paper and made her first dress as a professional seamstress for the $2.97 she needed to buy the sandals. She continued to do seamstress work from home, as this allowed her to make the extra money the children needed without leaving them with a babysitter to do so.

Laurie's son was born when she was 21. This was the first year Laurie ever made a quilt. She designed her own pattern and used the scrap material from her sewing to make a quilt for her parents. She finished the quilt within a few weeks. It must be noted here that Laurie did not hand quilt most of the quilts she made, but used tied yarn or embroidery thread to secure them. The quilts were made with 16 oz. batting and a flannel sheet for backing. She once needed a piece of furniture, and traded a store-keeper a quilt for a recliner. She made about 24 quilts that first 2 years, one for almost every member of the family, from both sides. Her brother, who lived in California, came to visit and picked out the pattern he wanted for a quilt. He was killed in a car accident shortly after his return to California and Laurie did not make another quilt for over 21 years.

In 1996 Laurie became interested in putting quilt patterns up on a web site. Her son and his wife hosted the site and authored the web pages. Laurie was again enamoured with the idea of making quilts. She made a wedding quilt for a friend and his new wife, a quilt for another friend, and a quilt for the man she married a year later.

When the web site was completed, she realized that she needed to make a quilt to demonstrate the patterns she had to offer - and since she had intended to make a quilt for their 1st Anniversary - this resulted in the completion of the Satin Sampler Anniversary Quilt ( 100" X 100") that is pictured on the Home page. The quilt was entered in the Tillamook County Fair and won not only first place in its category, but also Best of Show in the entire textile division.

Laurie was widowed three months later, after 21 months of marriage. She abandoned the website and relocated to Alaska. The quilt was entered in the 1999 Fur Rendezvous and won People's Choice that year. A year later she returned to college at University of Alaska - Anchorage (UAA) and earned a Bachelor's of Business Administration - Management Information Systems degree (BBA - MIS). She has since developed this site and maintains it herself.

The quilt has been renamed "Katie's Quilt" as it has been given to her only granddaughter (who is now {January 2012} 6 years old ).

Laurie is still working on developing a seamstress / sewing / quilting business in Wasilla, Alaska
It's Sew Easy! - Alaska - to teach the art of sewing and the joy of making quilts.

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