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Several women from Fish and Game in Fairbanks, designed and made a beautiful quilt (attached photo) for another colleague/friend, who was dying of cancer. She since died, and one of her friends mailed the quilt to her parents.

The quilt was sent in a box (insured) with other items, and was mailed sometime in February. On March 20, 2009 the friend who mailed the box talked to the parents who said the box arrived, about 1/3 empty, but no quilt was inside. The parents though it odd that the box was not full, but they were not expecting the quilt, so were not alarmed. Once the friend and the parents realized what had happened, the Fairbanks post office was contacted and a photo of the quilt was posted there. On May 19, 2009 some guy from the post office called the fish and game phone number on the notice and said that the box had been soaked in fish oil and the janitors were told to throw it away.

To make the story more bizarre, it turns out that (1) the rest of the box arrived just fine – no oil on it (2) the quilt had been well wrapped in a plastic bag. The Post Office Inspector General is investigating, but in the meantime, the quilt seems to be long gone.

A lot of love went into this quilt, a lot of tears were shed, and the parents are the rightful owners. If you have seen this posted on Craigslist or Ebay, anywhere else, please reply to qoyanaa@yahoo.com . If you bought it, I would gladly reimburse you for the money you are out if you would return it.
Thank You !
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